If you do not believe in yourself, let the world decide for you. If you do not believe in the world, let poetry decide for you. Poetry has healed many. Now it is your turn.

RLFPA EDITIONS is whole of South Asia’s only woman-run poetry publication house. It continues to serve as one of the most reputed poetry brands in India.

If you are the poet whose voice has been sabotaged, not enough represented, whether you are good at the craft or can better, write to us for a sure solution.

We can proudly say that we have been the stepping stone for some of the best young Indian English poets and many international voices. Join us and be counted!

Mary Oliver
Best Indian Poetry 2018

Best Indian Poetry 2018


“The Best Indian Poetry modelled after the Best American Poetry series is an attempt to raise the exposure for poetry produced in this subcontinent. Although there are many anthologies published in the country, there is no one anthology that brings the published works of the established, the fairly new and debutant poets together for a foreign reader’s speculation,” says Linda Ashok, MidDay, Mumbai, Jul 29, 2018


“Best Indian Poetry 2018 is undoubtedly one of the rare collections where poetry becomes an expression of life, cutting across any fixed socio-linguistic paradigm and stimulating readers to look upon poetry as the most effective medium to unite, to bring together strings of life like a connoisseur, leaving them to appreciate the work of art built in poetic tapestry.” Devika Basu, KITAAB


Join our league of award-winning authors from India, Ghana, Ireland, the US and others. We are too proud of these poets. We are also very proud of each and every other poet who hasn’t been named here. Join the party of genre-breaking poets. 

V Naa Takia

V Naa Takia Nunoo

Preeti Vangani

Preeti Vangani

Stephen Byrne
RaSh poet

N Ravi Shanker


RLFPA Editions (OPC) Pvt Ltd, an imprint of RædLeaf Foundation for Poetry & Allied Arts (since 2012). Till 2018, RLFPA Editions published the RL Poetry Award (since 2013) winning manuscripts. In 2018, it launched the Best Indian Poetry series. However, the project has been discontinued owing to a new project founded on the same premise with better financial capacity and network authority.