WHY RædLeaf ?

The word ‘read’ has been tricked to sound ‘red’ to have a dual meaning. Reading poetry is a negligible practice worldwide, with particular emphasis on India. Hence, to reenergize interest in poetry reading and appreciation, we infused the color ‘red’, symbolizing energy, passion, motivation.

Also, tiny buds of leaves are red, symbolizing the onset of spring, a new hope, a new beginning.

Thus, RædLeaf Poetry- India.


RædLeaf Poetry -India is a not-for-profit, independent literary organization committed toward promoting poetry in our culture. With greater focus on Indian poetry as it has been meagerly represented so far, RædLeaf Poetry, India aims at providing a wider platform for discerning poets, thus reaching out to a greater audience on the world wide web.


Primarily administered by Linda Ashok, the Trust has grown measure by measure. All activities and events of RædLeaf Poetry are primarily funded by Linda Ashok and Saptadeep Bhatacharjee with occasional donations by her friends and well wishers.

The Trust is grateful to other internal support members;

Pratiksha Kumar– Executive Member

Siddharth Mohapatra– Executive Member

Shantanu Mitra– Artist

Donnie Ashok– Website Assistance

Pavan Somu– Website Assistance

Ramanuj Mukherjee– Legal Consult

Nivedita Narsapuram– Friend of Trust


We are also thankful to all donors, contest judges, participants and associates for financial and moral support. icon