VOICES – Veronica Golos


I am working under the voices of fire.
– Shareef Sarhan, Gaza

I was working under the voices of fire.
I was working in the night, bled white.
I was cracking open the shell to see inside.
I was sunning myself by the glow of shrapnel.
I was tunneling, tugging at something soft.
I was a tunnel
through which no one came.
I was the other end.

I slept only once in the bed of voices.
My shirt was woven of voices.
My home was built on the rubble of voices.
I planted green grapes in the black loam.

There were voices in our new names,
in the finishing rooms there were voices. So did
the harness, hood, shackles, broom handles have voices.
In the child the voices were spinning.
God was no-voice.

©Vocabulary of Silence, (Red Hen Press, USA)



Veronica Golos

Veronica Golos is the author of Vocabulary of Silence (Red Hen Press, 2011), winner of the 2011 New Mexico Book Award. An exploration of war and its witnessing-from-afar, poems from Vocabulary of Silence have been translated into Arabic, Italian, Indonesian and Spanish.  Author of A Bell Buried Deep, she was the co winner of the Nicholas Roerich Poetry Prize (Story Line Press). She is co-editor of the Taos Journal of Poetry & Art, and the Acquisitions Editor for 3:A Taos Press. Veronica has been Poet in Residence at Sacred Heart Academy in Greenwich, CT, the Nassau Museum of Art, and Yaxche School in Taos, New Mexico. She was awarded residencies at the Wurlizter Foundation, awarded Creative Woman Fellowship by A Room of Her Own, among others.  A lifelong activist for social justice, humanitarian and peace causes, Golos uses her poetry not only to interpret and question but “to challenge and act.” She lives in Taos, New Mexico, with her husband, writer David Pérez.


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