Two poems- Joshua Gray




In the eternal hemorrhaging of the present,


the monsoon is a man pursuing, a god preserving.


His sperm penetrates

the shores of India’s hips, satiates her dry, rough skin.


But here, high in the mountains, dark clouds


finger across the distant sky.


Beneath the blazing sun, I lap

the sweat from between your breasts.


The monkeys are in heat around us;


They leap from tree to tree,


their mouths shut, as they prepare for the tornado

of our love. India bares her breasts, atop her waterbed, seduced.


As the fog rolls in and chills us,


I notice the cool liquid


vanishing from your august temple

as the humor of the present continues its steady flow.







In the early morning fog before the dim light fully lightens

I sit on the steps of my porch sipping tea


And watch the mountain on the other side of the valley open its eyes.


I cannot see the more distant mountain; it is hidden by the fog. Nearby,


The call to prayer has ended, and all I hear


In the deafness of my ears is silence.

I cannot hear the mourning birds in their own pitiful prayer.


The neighborly dogs pay me a visit, as if it’s been years,

And take interest in the tea that keeps me warm.


I sit in peace, waiting.


One of these mornings, a herd of Indian bison will walk by

For their breakfast. They will be the late risers.


The lone bull will hang back and chill, deep in the trees.


These bison are like cattle, grazing and gazing as they eat.

They are fat and healthy, huge and fast.


Their fierce eyes pierce my soul.


And yet, they never come then, as I sit; I only see them when

They make their midday rounds. The eyes of others widen,


As if they’ve seen a ghost. The others often shut their doors.


But I watch the bison fill their bellies; as I draw near, awed,

I am reminded of when I once rested under the dark sky,


a canopy of clouds above me, I saw the silhouette


of six bison meander passed my chair, unafraid.


And now I stand and shudder, shame-faced,

For these wild beasts migrate down the mountain to this new home,


Leaving a world they never wanted to leave, never wanted destroyed.



© 2013 Joshua Gray. First published by RaedLeafPoetry-India 2013.

Joshua Gray

Image Courtesy: Foster Wiley

Joshua Gray is an internationally published poet. He is a citizen of US who has spent most of his life in Washington DC. He currently lives in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu with his wife and two sons. To know more about him please visit .