Transition- Hiya Chatterjee


I have lived in summers and winters

In springs and autumns

In rains and droughts.


I have lived in mornings and nights

In noons and evenings

And they have lived in me.


A singed mark between the brows–

A perpetual embellishment burnt in

By the rapacious summer sun;

A steely white on my neck

A perverse love bite gifted

By the diabolical winter haze;


A hidden drop lurking beneath the eyes

An involuntary bead of water left

By the insidious rainy torrent;

An unblossomed flower at my navel,

Screaming to bloom yet gasping with death, a token

By the deceptively beautiful spring;


And autumn had promised me fall.


I have lived in named seasons

And answered to their names

I have lived in named days

And lived up to their names.


If only, I could live in transitions,

I would just fleet away


© 2013 Hiya Chatterjee. First published by RaedLeafPoetry-India 2013.


Hiya Chatterjee

Hiya is a student of English literature. Having completed her Masters from JNU, she is currently doing her M.Phil from Jadavpur University. Poetry is her favourite literary genre and her favourites’ list is unending.