Transformation – Raksha Hegde


The time gets pleasant

when it drizzles

on this earth parched,

to hug one with its arms wet,

bringing everything to a standstill,

In all directions

runs the mind mill;

reminding one

of all indecisions,



fear of consequences,

that indicate a near doomsday.


Soaking wildly

the spirit rises,

the heart pumps joyously,

the mixed up soul

drinks to its brim

to quench its thirst.

Washed away is the

mind’s clogged up dirt

promising to move ahead

with an energy double.


Yes, transformation hurts,

However, the beauty lies in the scene

when one emerges winning

with a light from within

leaving all the pain behind!!


© 2013 Raksha Hedge. First published by RaedLeafPoetry-India 2013


Raksha Hedge

Raksha Hegde works as a Lecturer in French language. She has graduated in Interior Designing, also holds an advanced diploma in French language. She writes poems and prose for the sheer pleasure of writing.