To Dr. Ulfat – Huzaifa Pandit


You are the dazed saffron tinge

Of ripe rusty gentle autumn

That halts suddenly in its labyrinth

Of soft ripe bulging boughs

And crisp crimson leaves,

At the wistful command of

The newly carved crescent

Whose silver halo is

As White as the smooth snow flakes

Of a virgin cozy winter evening.


You are a post-colonial line from Shalimar the Clown

With its conceited metaphors

That slip off the colonized tongue

And fractured rainbows of

Ageless experiments with surprised semantics.

You are Rushdie’s composed punctuation

Each short pause

Pregnant with cocooned silken gratitude

At conceiving twins of

Sapphire happiness and cerulean disbelief.



You are the sour sweetness of

A raw Alphonso mango

Taken with white crystalline salt

That transmits concentric neurons

Of unharnessed joy

From the roused tongue

To the exulting heart

Painted red with red blood and white joy.



You are the beaded words

Of a Nusrat qawali

In chaste colloquial Punjabi-

The Sufi’s defense of the reviled

 Beautiful bored Zulekha –

The ultimate mystic symbol

Of divine erotica.

Each word infuses a fluctuating amplification

Of meditative silence in my receptive being

Though the true meaning

Of each delirious couplet

Escapes possessed me.

© 2013 Huzaifa Pandit.  First published by RaedLeafPoetry-India 2013.

Huzaifa Pandit

Huzaifa Pandit was born in Kashmir and now pursuing his MA in English  from University of Pune. His poetry is a reflection of the impressions that Kashmir has left on him.