The Regret – Sourjya Das


Note: This is a monologue of a soldier who had wrongfully devoted himself to war under a wrong and betraying leadership. He regrets the hostility he had borne all through and curses filthy politics that he helped defeat reasons and rationality.


Such a birth I did take, that time looked down upon;

Never shall I learn the essence of breaths

The noxious thoughts of those heads above,

Kills the innocence that lays in all

Was it all said, that no love, no smiles

What blood those prisons bear, oh!

And what penny shall you pay when the life leaves one

And kisses your feet?


No verses I bear in my mournful heart

And the earth swallows all the tears as they fall

No friend I have, no brother, no mother

While I stand alone in this heath of death,

The screams of the wounded,

Does a gun solve that hate that your hearts bear?

What shall you gain…I ask!

And you leave all when you depart.


Revenge? What revenge! What rage!

But what whole judgment chooses us here?

And all bright days pulled down for doom…

Oh, those horrid thoughts that storm your mind

Those smiles that hide the black memories of hatred

Those lies that never live forgiven

Those talks that never bear the wing of hope,

Are we not alone?


Give us airs! Give us strength!

No….you can’t…as the power of thought had jumped to another

And had left you foolish;

Where goes that anthem that stops the blood of the wound?

Where are those screams of braves that tell you ‘Go, fight’?

No…this war, you shall not know

All those promised to us

And white flags never seem to rise…


No deed can now conclude

What leaves all spiritless

As we all hold that gun in our hands

And look to the ever dark world

And hear our dead brothers laugh

At your wants that never mature

While you keep those mothers’ tears roll down

And end its way in the ocean of red!


© 2013 Sourjya Das.  First published by RaedLeafPoetry-India 2013.




Sourjya Das calls himself a word and graphic artist. He is a student of law at National Law University, Odisha.  He hails from Kolkata, West Bengal.