Please review the below conditions before approaching for publication

We are a tiny venture and intend to remain tiny until Jeff Bezos funds us. Jokes apart, we want to be fully dedicated to the very limited publications we bring to this world.

—-Currently unless solicited, we are only considering paid-publication—

Royalty is counted AFTER the sales of the first 200 copies at a rate of 8% annually. If you wish to earn before that, you can purchase your book at an author discount of 20%.

Shipping charges are additional

Cover designing is an in-house business. We cannot accommodate requests.

Every book will have an ISBN issued by Raja Ram Mohan Roy National Agency for ISBN

Unless mentioned otherwise, the imprint is RLFPA Editions.

A manuscript should have a minimum of 60 and a maximum of 100 poems.

Send the file in .pdf format. Include no fancy inserts or images.

The publication is black and white with coloured cover in matt finishing.

Sizes vary and the publisher’s decision is final.

No simultaneous submission.

Please seek publication elsewhere once a period of 90 days has passed from the day of submission of your manuscript.

We won’t say that we receive a lot of manuscripts and so the response time is not guaranteed. We say that the very few submissions we get, we are selective about them as well.

—Submit your Manuscript–