Submission Guidelines

Welcome to RL Poetry Awards 2014

RædLeafPoetry-India announces RL Poetry Award 2014 after its successful debut in 2013.


Giconeneral Guidelines:

1)      If you are an Indian poet, residing anywhere in the world, please submit to the RL Poetry Award 2014 (National) category. Poets of non-Indian origin should submit to the RL Poetry Award 2014 (International) category.

2)      The Haiku category has no such division. Irrespective of your country of birth, please submit to the RL Poetry Award 2014 –Haiku

3)      No entries shall be accepted from poets below the age of 18.

4)      Enter 5 poems, no more than 40 lines each or 5 haiku in a single word file. No name or identifying details must appear on the document. [Attachment 1]

5)      No changes in the manuscript or resubmission will be allowed.

6)      Your submissions should have a cover letter that includes your name, complete address, phone number, 200-250 words biography that informs us of your poetic journey and your expectations from us. Paste this in the ‘Cover Letter Section’ of the Submittable form.

7)      Also take a printout of the below Clauses, sign it and upload the scanned copy in PDF format. [Attachment 2]

  • Clause 1
    “I confirm that all poems submitted for RL Poetry Award 2014 are my original works and I own their copyright. I confirm that these works have not been published anywhere, including the internet, books and journals. I agree that my entries will be disqualified if found otherwise. RL Poetry Award 2014 will not be responsible for disqualification resulting from non-adherence to the eligibility clause”
  • Clause 2
    “I, as the copyright owner of my works, agree to provide to RL Poetry Award 2014 a non-exclusive perpetual license over each of the entries and also the rights to publish them on various platforms at its discretion. However I agree that till the final award declaration, all my works will be under the purview of RL Poetry Award 2014 and will not be published or commercially used until that time. I am not going to submit it elsewhere for simultaneous consideration. In addition to this, if my work is considered for publication in the award anthology, I’ll agree to credit ‘First publishing rights RL Poetry Award 2014 in all further reprints and publication of the poem.”

8)      There will be 2 Awards; the first prize and the second prize. Total prize value $500. For Haiku, there will be two awards as well. Total prize value $200.

9)     Works of 5 shortlisted poets will be extensively publicized along with that of winners’ for a period of 6 months and will be offered guest editorship with The Brown Boat magazine. The works of the shortlisted candidates will also be published in our annual print version of The Brown Boat magazine

10)  Smile, and submit your best!


To submit via Submittable, CLICK here to submit
To submit via Email, awardsubmissions[at]rlpoetry[dot]org

When submit via email, follow this-


If you are an Indian Poet, mention in your subject line:
“NATIONAL <your name>, <country>, <contact num> General poem”
If you are Poet of any other nationality, mention in your subject line:
“INTERNATIONAL  <your name>, <country>, <contact num> General poem”

Irrespective of your country of stay, mention in your subject line:
“<your name>, <country>, <contact num> HAIKU”

DO NOT FORGET to upload ATTACHMENT 1&2 in your EMAIL and COVER LETTER (Ref Point 6) on the body of the email.

DisclaimerIn all conditions, the prize amount will remain the same. But subjected to quality submissions, the prize money can be modified, combined and awarded to only one deserving candidate if there is a no fair second challenger. The award may be withheld if the submission quality is unsatisfactory. RaedLeaf Poetry India is committed to recognize and award deserving poets. The judges will have absolute discretion in interpreting the rules and their decision will be final and unanimous.


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