Sharmada Shastry- Tonight +1


let us hold each other
one last time
like we were prayers
afraid of falling apart
without faith

Let us fill our bellies
with stars
and swallow moons
every night

Let us hold mirrors
in the mornings
to see each other’s hearts

Let us break ourselves into tiny bits
And feed them to our unborn children

Let us hop on to the first bus
That’ll take us to where love comes from

Let us sleep in domes
Where mornings live in the night
Where the Azan is the only thing holy
we will ever hear

Let us move in circles
Till we come back to where we began

Let us go again to the same alley
Where we lost ourselves at twilight

Let us sing the same songs we feared we would forget
because our lips were busy making memories

Let us bury our wings together
So neither of us can fly out of who we once were

Let us dance to a broken song
Let us hold the night in our arms,
Sing lullabies to her children
Let us be the moon to the ocean
The sun to the graveyard

Let us stand at the street corners
and wait for the child
to splash the puddle
and look at it in wonder

Let us laugh loud like
children with mouths
split in half and cracked teeth

Let us giggle this night away
and sleep by the ocean
between the waves
and her ocean of a lover

Let us break our promises
and fling them into the ocean
And wait for her to bring
them back whole

Let us rouse the street cops
from their sleep
Let us make poems
by the streetlights

In the evenings,
let us follow the birds
going back home

let us trace home
on each other’s skin
with light glowing from our hearts
let us teach each other love
without language

let us
quench our thirst
and get drenched
in the downpour
and shiver in the night

let us warm our bodies
by the fires that someone else
left behind


 Twelve Moons

Tasting the water of your river
summer streaming down your sun-baked face
you were a volcano
when the ash inside your belly
blew like a hurricane
I collected fistful of dust
and smeared it on your brow

And you walked away

Ever since
twelve moons
have watched me bleed


© 2013 Sharmada Shastry. First published by RaedLeafPoetry-India 2013.


Sharmada Shastry
Sharmada Shastry  is a graduate from Bangalore and currently works with Facebook. She writes poetry to keep herself sane. Kenyan-born Somali poet Warsan Shire and spoken word poet Andrea Gibson are her favorites.

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