Roomful of Lakes – Jennifer Robertson


This Lake is a 600 square feet 2BHK
available for rent on These Lakes are trading
in grasshoppers in the living room. The tall and blue
lakes are breathless in an Armani suit. One Lake
just sent me a Facebook request. That Lake is
luminously wallpapered. The blue Lake is wearing
horn-rimmed glasses and a speckled
moth around its neck. Few Lakes
are Changpa nomads
with their flock of yaks and pashmina goats. Two Lakes are playing
an obscure game on Playstation4. The snow on this Lake’s
coat is beginning to melt in the sun and the kitchen is getting flooded.
That Lake is a faucet and it’s bleeding. Three Lakes
are calling the cops. This Lake is a call
waiting on a smart phone. One Lake delivered
a baby girl. Five Lakes retweeted the Faucet story.

This Lake is walking his dog.

One Lake is on a hunger protest. Three Lakes have body
issues. This Lake is a Rhode Scholar
in a dungaree. Five Lakes will not vote. This Lake
calls himself Baba. This Lake just got laid
off and will default on his mortgage. The Lake in the yoga
pants is warming his pizza in the microwave. A bunch
of Lakes are auditioning for a reality show. This Lake
is a stand-up comedian. That Lake is a venture
capitalist. This Lake is interrupted by a hyperbole.

This Lake is the ghost of other lakes
that were killed
in the womb.

This Lake is not safe in an elevator.

That Lake can’t stand another Lake. This Lake is a Tarkovsky
hangover. That Lake is a salted
caramel mocha at Starbucks. These Lakes work
in a call center. That lake is a journalist
writing erotica. This lake is coming of age
in his pants. That Lake is in a complicated relationship
with his ipad. This Lake is a poem in an ezine. These two Lakes
are secretly fucking each other. That Lake is paid news. This lake
next to the water cooler thinks it’s dawn already. This Lake will die
in an old age home.

That Lake is disappearing like a Houdini trick.

This Lake is a virgin. This Lake is a single
mother. That Lake will have his integrity removed
like a vestigial organ in a hospital. This Lake likes
branded shirts. This Lake is in a desert
at a mall. That Lake is a well-written obituary. These Lakes will migrate
to work in a brick kiln. This Lake has
a prosthetic soul.

These Lakes have more cars than Lakes.

These Lakes are a bunch of
happy meals.
This Lake dares to love
another Lake in this country. This Lake is ashamed
of his surname. That lake is reading Walden.

This Lake is pretending to be a Lake.



Roomful of Lakes © 2013 Jennifer Robertson.  First published by RaedLeafPoetry-India 2013.


Jennifer Robertson

Jennifer Robertson is an erstwhile banker, currently freelancing as a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) consultant in Mumbai. She is a gold medalist with a degree in Education from Calcutta University. Her poems have previously been published by Poetry Chain – a poetry quarterly edited by the eminent poet and critic Gopi Kotoor.  Few of her poems have been published in a poetry anthology by Nivasini publishers. Jennifer’s work is a blitzkrieg of memory and time driven themes veering from confessional prose poems to non punctuated stream of consciousness pieces.  Jennifer lives in Mumbai.