RL Poetry Award 2018

Welcome to the international poetry competition, the RL Poetry Award 2018 (5th year). Poets (18+) from around the world are invited to participate. Please read and abide by the details below. Each information provided here is crucial to your submission. Please read thoroughly and submit accordingly. For questions and queries, tweet to us @RLPoetryIndia with #RLPoetryIndia2018



  1. Download sample file. Replace content with your details and poems. Submit no less than 8 and no more than 10 poems. Make no changes to font, or font size. Save new file as “RL Poetry Award 2018_<Your name>”. And upload below.
  2. 12 national and 12 international manuscripts will be longlisted.
  3. Each of these longlisted candidates will then be asked for their full manuscript.
  4. 6 manuscripts from each categories will then be shortlisted to determine 2 winners, 1 from each category.
  5. The competition is open to all above the age of 18.
  6. Those with no books published yet or first books published through vanity/small press, are eligible to participate.
  7. If the quality of submissions is not good, the Trust reserves the right to not publish any.
  8. The Trust will not involve in any kind of inquires or explanation regarding selection criteria.
  9. Please follow the guidelines without fail.
  10. Deadline: August 01, 2018


Upload your Manuscript here