Rain and a Leonard Cohen song- Sandeep Kulshrestha


I had two videos
opened simultaneously
one of an enigmatic poet
addressing a sweet crowd
in the sixties
smart, suave
and then he was walking down a street
smiling to himself
in a cold Toronto evening
in complete black and white
and no shades of grey
the second one i saw
was of an old man
with a tempered smile
singing “Suzanne”
his name was also Cohen
but then he was in a
world of sorrowful indulgence
singing sweet
and a tragic tune
in his constantly predictable voice
in a rain laced afternoon
when the music of the rain
lambasts my soul
his voice makes me sad
the black and white of him
was all adorable
the colours indeed fade into grey
when he sings
and then he brings me to thoughts of turmoil
of life and lifelessness
of the movement of innocence
towards the sublime
it has stopped raining now
the song has been playing all through
different versions
from more sweet to remorseful
the essence of the portrait
still the same
Suzanne lingers
with the chilly breeze
reminding me of a plethora of consciousness
the heart of the nomad
the weakness of emotions
solitude of man
rain triggers emotions
i am the conductor
and when the moisture gets drained
i envision myself
the song switches off
it rains all the more


© 2013 Sandeep Kulshrestha. First published by RaedLeafPoetry-India 2013.

Sandeep Kulshrestha

 Sandeep Kulshrestha is an independent business consulting professional, with passion for writing. He finds poetry as something which soothes the soul. He is based in Hyderabad, India

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