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Poetry&Poets is a poetry premier website for poetry and poets featuring reviews and interviews. If you are interested in submitting a guest post; a poetry book you have reviewed or a poet you have interviewed, please read the below guidelines thoroughly.

Submission Quality

The platform aims to deliver high-quality poetry book reviews and poets’ interviews. Please ensure whether it is a review or an interview; the article has to be informative and reflect your knowledge and standing as a literary expert. An excellent article should be of minimum 800 to maximum 1400 words. Failing these points will result in an automatic rejection.

Be Sincere

Now that you have the opportunity to submit a poetry book review or do an interview with a poet, please be sincere about it. Do not review your book or interview yourself, pretending to be someone else. We are pretty well-read. So, any conflict of interest or misrepresentation will result in an automatic rejection.

Poet Interview Requirements

When interviewing a poet, ensure the person has sufficient credibility for the interview to be approved on Poetry&Poets. An interview should cover their significant achievements, book/s authored, thoughts/views on global contemporary poetry landscape, and anecdotes that will make the reading worthwhile. We’ll not approve self-interview. Failing these points will result in an automatic rejection.

Poetry Book Review Requirements

When reviewing a book, we prefer a delicate balance of your theoretical understanding of poetry and personal reflection on the body of the work. Praise the book but also highlight the debatable. We don’t mind you reviewing your friend’s poetry book, but we are not going to approve reviews of poetry books that are self-published or published by any vanity press. We’ll not endorse self-review. Failing these points will result in an automatic rejection.

Form Submission Requirements

When submitting a post, focus on the form requirement. Title (Min 50- Max 60 characters), Article (Min 800- Max 1400 words) + Author Bio (Min 50- Max 60 words) at the bottom of the article, High Resolution Photos (size: 1500 * 600 pixels), Meta Description (Min 145- 155 characters), Tags (Tag your name, book name, poet’s name), Author Name (Your Full Name), Author URL (Your Website or Twitter Link).

Additional Requirements: Check Readability

We encourage you to use the Readability tool to increase the value of your article. To improve readability quotient, avoid passive sentences and difficult words, use transition words, use subheadings, and limit each paragraph to 300 words only. Please check sentence length, which should not exceed 18 words. Articles may or may not get approved at the discretion of the editors at Poetry&Poets.

Be Patient

All blog posts will have to be approved by the Poetry&Poets. Sometimes, this can take up to a few days. Please be patient. If we have questions, we will get in touch with you. If review/interview doesn’t appear within a week, consider it not suitable for publication. No simultaneous submission.

If this article failed to answer any query, tweet to us at @RLPoetryIndia

We look forward to your submission!