In Kathmandu (Four from his Notes) – M. A. Schorr


A Present -I

(to my dear children and grandchildren)


If there is a better moment

than a present with you,

I have not seen it


If there is a hell,

a deep resentment, it is

to be without that present


You are. That is enough for me

to forget boundaries between yours and mine

your present has been:  to be.



Apple Scones -II


An apple turnover

is a medium

of international transfer


with or without

an imagination of disaster



Hunger- III

(for Amartya Sen)


I wander in a chartered cab

in front of a pizza shop

a stop is interrupted

by a hungry child’s open hand


the chartered cab has gone away

the pizza shop’s long gone

but the open hand stays with me

when I am all alone


Fire and Ice Pizza, Kathmandu -IV


Some say the world will end in fire or ice

But despite the despiters

I say that pizza would be nice

And today in Kathmandu, it will suffice



©2012 Mark Schorr. In Kathmandu (Four from his Notes) First published by RLPI 2013


Mark Schorr

 M. A. Schorr‘s most recent book of poems are Recovery: 77 Dream Songs of Men and Machines and Aliens: Haiku, Tanka, and Yotsumono . He teaches literature at Cambridge College in Lawrence, Massachusetts and the Executive Director of the The Robert Frost Foundation. For purchase details of his work, please email [email protected]



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