I can hear them Cry- Vijayeta Tirkey


They hailed me with apathetic smiles,

Their vapid eyes anticipated aloofness,

Hiding myriad woes and cry.


Vanished in the hollowness,

Wrinkles on their face said it all,

Forsaken by children as unwanted encumbrance,

Their eyes filled with desolation.


Carrying a boundless voyage,

Dreaming of days past long ago,

The forlorn yet hopeful look in their eyes,

Yearned to return to their homes.


© Vijayeta Tirkey. First published by RaedLeafPoetry-India 2013



Vijayeta Tirkey


Vijayeta Tirkey Kataria has completed her Post graduation in Human Resource. In her leisure time she likes to compose poems, dance and cook different cuisines. Her poems got published in newspapers, International Journal and books.