Fahredin Shehu- Love


The past days of my virgin foremost-ness
I summon with the plea to once again feel
the flavor of un-ripen fruits and zephyr
that waves the leafs of un-ripen wheat
and the winter idyll of Japan by Werner Bischoff
in the winter idyll of the Balkans
which has deeply imprinted in my grey part
of cerebral tissue

On a Rakim’s table
imprinted in my heart
words of golden letters have been written
by unnamed archangel
while others bewilder
I read the first, the middle and the last


Fahredin Shehu

Fahredin Shehu is an author of several published books of poetry and included in many international magazines. Among them:  Struga Anthology-Macedonia, Lodeve Anthology-France, Nazareth Anthology-Israel, Blue Max Review-Dublin Ireland, Coldnoon Travel Poetics- New Delhi India, World Healing Anthology- USA, Alquimia de la Tierra- Huelva University- Spain etc