Delete- Ramanuj Mukherjee


Delete, Reboot, Atomize

Annihilation Inc.


We didn’t stop before we couldn’t

We didn’t run when the ground was there

We didn’t stand up, there was head space

We didn’t duck, now we are stuck with the age


Oil, genes, virus

Seek, search, drugs


We didn’t know when you left

We didn’t see the exit sign

We didn’t hear the drums of death

We didn’t  feel the light die


Cuddle, melt, date

Silicon, carbon, last breath


We didn’t burn the last letter

We didn’t get the sarcasm

We didn’t fight the irony

We didn’t smoke the holy cigar


Find, love, in the gaps

Love is binary too


We didn’t count our dead

We didn’t run after the river

We didn’t recognize good

We didn’t explore the valley


Walk, run, slip under the door

Survival of the cunning


We didn’t build this world

We didn’t inherit these rains

We didn’t split the 46 molecules

We didn’t know it will be like this


© 2013 Ramanuj Mukherjee  First published by RaedLeafPoetry-India 2013.

Ramanuj Mukherjee

Ramanuj Mukherjee is a lost poet, trying to find his way back home.