Chlorophyll of Poetry – Sachin Ketkar



Icy green blood

From the carnage of multitudinous

Trees, innocuous and mute

On my bare naked hands


Whenever with my sharp pen nib

I lacerate

The white backs

Of a blank sheet of paper

I calligraph cold-blooded lines

Of tongueless poems

On the cemeteries of voided spaces

Vacated by annihilating

Thousands of forests



My hands become part of the conspiracy

Denuding this planet

I too become a collaborator

In this felony


But my lush green hands

Cloaked in the bleeding screams

Of the handicapped trees

Are long-familiar

With the yellow grief

Of a leaf nipped off


The crimson excruciating pain

Of a crushed petal


The wet sting of a branch being broken

The earthy agony

Of being uprooted


These are the very things

Flowing out on the white corpses

In the form of chlorophyll

Of poetry
©Sachin Ketkar 2012


Sachin Ketkar

Sachin Ketkar is one of the most unusual talents in contemporary Marathi poetry today . . . He can be very detached about himself, and at the same time, he reflects upon the world in an exceedingly personal way. This makes his poems paradoxically self-centered and other-centered. He usually writes about mundane and ‘un-poetic’ objects in an exceptionally imaginative way”- Hemant Divate. Sachin is a writer, translator and critic from Gujarat. He has authored two collections of poems – one in Marathi and one in English – and has translated and edited an anthology of contemporary Marathi poetry, entitled Live Update. He is the Reader in the Department of English at the MS University, Baroda.