Sohini Basak- Winner-2/ RL POETRY AWARD 2013

Photo Credit: Internet
Photo Credit: Internet


Sohini Basak grew up in Barrackpore, and studied literature for her undergraduate degree at St. Stephen’s College, University of Delhi during which she won prizes for her poetry at the RædLeaf Poetry India as well as the Reliance-Unisun TimeOut competitions. Her writing has been published or is forthcoming in journals such as Ink, Sweat and Tears; Paris Lit Up; The Cadaverine; Ambit; The Four Quarters Magazine; Litro; Helter Skelter and Muse India. She is currently studying at the University of Warwick and was recently shortlisted for the 2014 Melita Hume Poetry Prize as well as the Jane Martin Poetry Prize. Sohini is working on her first collection of poetry. She hopes one day to be a good teacher and engage more people, especially younger people, in the reading and writing of poetry.

On being one of the winners at the RL Poetry Award 2013:

“I feel very fortunate to be a part of the inaugural RL Poetry Awards. It is heartening to see such a generous and necessary venture emerging. Through the RædLeaf Poetry India, I hope we not only gain more writers of poetry but also many, many more readers.”

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