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“Why amidst so many anthologies did I start with the Best Indian Poetry series? When I say anthologies, some of the best that come to my mind include The Oxford India Anthology of Twelve Modern Indian Poets, The Penguin Book of Indian Poetry, 60 Indian Poets, and The Harper Collins Book of English Poetry. And yet, this new enterprise of the Best Indian Poetry; what is it trying to achieve? Well, it took me from several months to a year’s time to decide if I am sure of this intellectual and financial investment, most importantly my time, and probably the risk of launching something new as the canons continue to rule. But this is what I believe and I would hope you’ll come to believe in due course of time that this entire pursuit is only a goodwill initiative for the poets of my country and diaspora—an organized activity that keeps me in the know of poetry as it evolves in its private space.” Linda Ashok



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