3 Poems- Max Babi




Like being kicked awake

from a succulent dream,

like a jaywalker knocking down

a burger from your hand,

like a favourite coffee mug

shattering on a whim-

an aborted rendezvous

festers too.


The Obsessed


Heads bobbing up and down,

hands  getting pulled and pushed,

knees jutting out, folding back,

a few late night stragglers

at a brightly lit gym

seem like mannequins

on a zombie run.

How do you deal with a dream,

a sizzling figment that leaked

like the jeers of the paint or

the odour of the crowd?


Dealing With…


Or with the slippery shadows

that took on 3-D fleshiness

with a maudlin coyness?


Who’ll puncture my

claustrophobic sac?


© 2013 Max Babi.  First published by RaedLeafPoetry-India 2013


Max Babi
Max Babi is a multilingual poet who writes primarily in English, is widely published but focuses more on high quality translations from various Indian regional languages.

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