2 poems – Shobhana Kumar


odd man out


five fluted stems

three beer mugs

seven shot glasses

and eleven for

the hardliners

arrange themselves

for my guests,

who will  arrive,

to toast

and leave

smelling of

twenty year caskets

sometimes more,

and all the bouquets

they gathered.

the broken ones

are mine.





into the despair

of lonely dustbins

and large landfills.



rip van winkle



to the front yard

faithfully every

dawn to pour

colours from yesterday’s

dreams into

intricate love

knots and wait

as eager ants

carry them

back home.


all day

until my household

retires and i

wake all


waiting for the colours

to arrive.


that i can only paint

in my front yard.

when i wake

there will be

no house.

but  you

will  find my

colours  in

some ant-hole

tucked away

for a long

winter night.


© Shobhana Kumar. First published by RaedLeafPoetry-India 10/1/2014


Shobhana Kumar

Shobhana Kumar‘s first collection, ‘The Voices Never Stop’ was published by Writers Workshop in 2012. Her second collection is under print. Her work features in several journals and ‘The Dance of the Peacock’, an anthology of contemporary poetry from India, edited by Dr. Vivekanand Jha,.She also has 4 books of non fiction.